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Dyslexia in the Workplace

Posted on: 19th Feb 2013

Did you know that dyslexia is a recognised disability? This means that the Disability Discrimination Act prohibits discrimination against anyone with dyslexia.



In fact, a dyslexic on the work force can be a positive advantage to an organisation in terms of meeting their requirements to employ a certain proportion of disabled workers. They don’t have to make any physical changes to their workplace, and they get all the benefits of employing someone who is creative and has the ability to see the whole picture, someone who is able to “think out of the box”. Certainly,  a dyslexic worker in an office may need a little extra time to prepare written work and have to check it carefully.  Is that a bad thing?  In any event, an employer should not dismiss an employee just because that person is dyslexic.


Of course, it makes life simpler for everyone if the employer knows that the candidate is dyslexic before offering them a job, but unless the employer understands the nature of dyslexia, it is a gamble to admit to being less than perfect.  I have met several adults recently who are facing problems in the workplace because of their dyslexia.  While it’s easy to say that this should not happen, the practice is always a lot harder.  There’s a lot more on this topic in the British Dyslexia Association’s website.  Go to www.bdadyslexia.org.uk, and search for “dyslexia in the workplace”.

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